Composition : Outer Capsule Flaxseed oil 300mg ,Vitamin -A 0.15mg , Vitamin -D 100I.U , Vitamin -E 5mg, Vitamin -k 55mcg, Inner : capsule of zinc oxide 10mg, Magnesium oxide 10mg, Manganese sulphate 5mg ,Cupric sulphate 2.5mg Vitamin -C 10mg , Chromium picolinate 50mcg , Vitamin -B1 1.6mg Vitamin -B2 2.25mg, Vitamin -B3 15mg , Vitamin -B5 4.5mg, Vitamin -B6 2mg, Vitamin -B7( Biotin ) 15 mcg, Vitamin -B9 40mcg FOS 20mg, Digestive Enzymes 20mg Papain , Pepsin.

To Support :
1. Supports Brain.
2. Supports Heart.
3. Supports Eye.
4. Supports Joint.
5. Supports Body Recovery
Dosage : As directed by the Physician.
M.R.P : 280/-.